The Coastal Museum of Northern Jutland conveys change, variation and continuity in the life conditions of human beings seen in the context of the culture and development of the coast of Kattegat. The Coastal Museum has specialized in a wide range of historical topics that is linked to the coastal life in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby.

The main historical periods and topics in the research and exhibitions of the Coastal Museum are: history of fishing, naval history, the German occupation in Northern Jutland and the development of the market towns, schools and tourism in the Municipality of Frederikshavn. 

Besides this the Coastal Museum of Northern Jutland is responsible for the marine archaeology of Northern Jutland.

The Coastal Museum of Northern Jutland is a part of the Danish Public museums, and the museum works with securing the cultural heritage of Denmark. The employees of the museum cooperate with other museums as well as we cooperate with the Danish authorities in regards to preservation of nature and physical planning. Furthermore, the Coastal Museum cooperate with the tourist industry and companies in different projects.