On the Other Side – how we remember what we do not want to know!

What has a bowl, an officer, two patriotic poets and the Nazi philosophy in common?

Not much at first sight, but that is only until you go behind the facades, when you go to the other side and look at the source material without reservation – without expectations. Just let the sources speak…

Those are the ideas of The Coastal Museum of Northern Jutland in this exhibition,”On the Other Side – How We Remember What We Do Not Want to Know”. We have done away with interpretations and bias. We have confronted two sides of history – letting them speak for themselves. The pure, the innocent and the sincere and confronted them with the other side of history – reality. It seems at first sight to be a tough confrontation but the idea behind the exhibition is in fact that you start thinking and reflecting on the contents.

The result will be an experience. Whether this experience will be good or bad we will let you decide but we can guarantee that most people experiencing parts of or the whole exhibition will view the past in a way different from they did before the experience.

What is this experience then? What is it in fact that you meet when you visit “On the Other Side”? It will spoil the experience if you knew. Then you would enter the exhibition room with a biased attitude and a specific expectation of what you are about to see.

We can say this much that it concerns a greeting from Dora, the poets Kaj Munk and Harald Bergstedt, an officer named Per Sørensen and an experience that will stimulate your senses.

We at The Coastal Museum of North Jutland are looking forward to seeing you.

The exhibition is open and can be found at The Coastal Museum of Sæby throughout 2023.